1. Valid passport / Current passport (minimum 8 months before expired date) + Expired passport

2. 3,5cm x 4,5cm the lastest photo (with white colour back ground & ears should be visible) 2 pcs

3. Company sponsor letter (original with stamp, letterhead & signature from the PIC guarantee) detail information length of employment, status & the date expected return to work. For personal sponsor letter without letterhead, and sign on the IDR 6000 seal

  • Attach copy of NPWP and SIUP, for position of Director, President Director or Executive Director or Commissioner
  • For owner business/shop owner that do not have the letter head, please type the sponsor letter on the white paper, sign and stamp also attach the copy of NPWP & SIUP
  • Attach the copy of birth certificate, for traveller that sponsored by their son/daughter
  • Attach the copy of marriage certificate and birth certificate of son/daughter, for traveller that sponsored by their son’s/daughter’s in law
  • Sponsor’s letter have to be typed on the white paper and should be sign by own for travaller with pension type
  • If children travelling together with the parents also mention the child name, date of birth, in the sponsor letter

4. Back reference letter in english and mention the account number, total balace amountand the first date total balance amount thr first date became customer

5. Copy of financial report (bank report) at least 3 months

6. Copy of ID card, kartu keluarga, birth certificate, + name renewal (if any)

7. Copy of marriage certificate / Divorce certificate / Death certificate (If spouse pass away/dies)

8. Copy of child birth certificate & Student ID / school sponsor in English

9. If any family members travelling together, attach a copy of prove family relationship (such as birth certificate / marriage certificate)

10. Children, any ages should come to the VFS for fingerprint & photo taking

11. Letter of authority and copy ID per person / per family (name is listed) for passport collection

12. Information the company name, the first working date and yearly revenue

13. Information of parent's name

14. Print out air ticket and hotel reservation


1. UK Visa tourist can be process express even the passport holder never going abroad Passport will be hold by the VFS and also attach the passport copy hold pages even the page is empty and copy of front page, back page, visa, and stamp pages for the expired passport

2. For appointment schedule fingerprint or biometric at VFS tolerance will given only maximum 10 minutes, if it is late will be charged a premium lounge at additional cost IDR 1.000.000,- or if do not want to be charged, shall be rescheduleing

3. For all of a sudden cancellation schedule cause for one reason (applicant not yet fingerprint or biometrik taking) and the applicant already paid the visa fee process by online, will be refunded, and the process refund will take about 1-3 months (depent on UK border)

4. For the applicant who already fingerprint / biometric and can not be detected, should do the fingerprint/biometric and re-pay the fees again, the fees that already paid before completely used up and can not be refund

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