1. Valid passport minimum 9 months before the date of departure + Expired passport

   (The name on the passport must be same with ID card, family ceriticate,

   proof of financial and sponsor letter)

2. 3,5cm x 4,5cm latest photo (with white colour back ground, teeth should not visible)

  • Company sponsor letter with letterhead and signature of the PIC guarantee
  • In the sponsor letter state the position in the company, years of service and confrmation that the applicant had the permission to leave the period, attach TDP/SIUP
  • For bussiness owner that do not have letterhead, please type the sponsor letter on the white paper, sign and the stamp shop, also attach the copy of NPWP & SIUP
  • Attach the copy of birth certificate of son/daughter, for traveller that sponsored by their son/daughter
  • Attach the copy of marriage certificate and birth certificate of son/daughter, for traveller that sponsored by their son’s/daughter’s in law
  • Retire traveller should type the sponsor letter on a white paper and sign by their own

3. Spouse's permit letter for spouse that traveling alone, attach spouse's passport & ID card

4. If the applicant under 18 years old : 

  • Copy of marriage certificate of the parents
  • Parent's permit letter who did not participate traveling, attach parent's ID card
  • Copy of parent's passport who did not participate traveling
  • Attach the death certificate if one or both of parent dies/passed away
  • Attach the divorce certificate & child custory decisions of the court, if the parents divorced
  • Both of parents must come if one or both parent are not involved traveling

5. Copy of student ID & school certificate

6. Copy of savings account last 3 months

7. The original bank reference from the bank concerned

8. Copy of family certificate (KK) & ID card

9. Copy of birth certificate (for children)

10. Copy of marriage / divorce certificate, name-change (if any)

11. Travel Insurance (minimum EURO 30,000/USD 50,000) Worldwide destination

12. Children under 18 years old form sign by both of parents

13. Print out ticket & hotel reservation

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