1. Valid passport minimum 7 months from the date of departure + Expired passport

2. 3,5cm x 4,5cm latest photo (with white colour back ground, Teet should not visible)

3. Company sponsor letter (original with stamp, letterhead & signature from the PIC guarantee)

    For personal sponsor letter without letterhead, and sin on the IDR 6000 seal

  • In company sponsor letter, mentionthe position in the company, the relate & telephone number
  • Attach copy of NPWP AND SIUP, for position of Director, President Director or Executive Durector or Commissioner
  • For owner business / shop owner that do not have the letter head, please type the sponsor letter on the white paper, sign and stamp also attach the copy of NPWP & SIUP
  • Attach the copy of birth certificate, for traveller that sponsored by their son/daughter
  • Attach the copy of marriage certificate and birth certificate of son/daughter, for traveller that sponsored by their son’s/daughter’s in law
  • Retire traveller should typed the sponsor letter on a white paper and sign by their own

4. Spouse's permit letter sign by their spouse for spouse who is travelling alone

   Attach a copy of spouse's ID card 

5. Parent's permit letter sign by the parents for children who is travelling alone

   Attach copy of parent's ID card

6. If the children join the traveling and sill in school, attach copy of student ID

    and scool certificate

7. Copy of saving account last 3 months

8. The original bank reference from the bank concerned

9. Copy of family certificate (KK) & ID card

10. Copy of birth certificate, marriage / diforce certificate, name-change (if any)

11. Travel insurance (Minimum EURO 30,000/USD 50,000)

     Worldwide destination ACA INSURANCE NOT ALLOWED

12. Children under 18 years old form signed by both of parents

13. Print out ticket and hotel reservation


1. Visa will be process after all the requirements of the document completed

2. No refund fee for cancelling of the visa requirements

3. The success of obtaining visa is entirely the authority of the Embassy

4. Price and requirements are subject to change without prior notice according to the Embassy

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